What happens when I reserve an item?

If you want an item that is not currently available, or if you want an item pulled off of the shelf and set aside for you to pick up, you can place a hold on it.

To do so, find the item in the library's catalog and click "Request it". Or we can place a reserve for you. Contact us.

How do I know if an item is ready for me?

Depending on your account preferences, you will receive a courtesy email, text message or phone call.

You may also log into your online account at any time to check on the status of your reserve. It will appear with a status of "Ready". If an item's status is listed as "Available" or "1 of 1 holds", that means that the item has not yet been placed at the pickup location of your choosing, as it has not yet been located on the shelf.

How long will I have to pick it up?

You will have 4 days to check out the item. (Policies may differ for school deliveries via Library Link.)

If you do not check it out within 4 days, the item will be removed from the holdshelf or passed on to the next patron on the waitlist.

Where do I pick up my reserve?

When you place a reserve, choose your preferred pickup location.

Your options are as follows:

Drive-Up Reserve Room
Drive-up window on the north side of the building
Or walk-up in the mallway
Self-Serve Reserve
Inside the library near the main Customer Service desk
WPL Outreach
Only available for eligible participants of Deliveries for Seniors/Homebound
Only available for eligible participants of School Deliveries via Library Link

Why can't I reserve an item?

There are a few possible reasons why you are unable to reserve items. Please refer to the following scenarios.

There is no button to "Request it".

  1. It may be "billed" to another patron or we may not own the item.
  2. It may be an “electronic resource," which means that it is accessible through the Internet. Follow the link provided to view or download the item.
  3. It may be “non-circulating.” This means that the item is not allowed to leave the library.

I get the message: “Please see a librarian".

  1. Your library card account may have expired. This happens every 3 years so that we can verify your correct contact information.
  2. You may have a library fine that is over our $10 limit. You must pay your fine before you can reserve more items.
  3. You may have reached your hold limit of 100 items.
  4. Your account may not be in good standing due to a bad address, lost card or an item returned without some of its parts.

To resolve issues with your account, contact us.

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