Services & Programs for Seniors

Do you plan activities for your local senior apartment complex, nursing home or assisted living facility? Are you looking to host a fun and engaging event for your residents? Are you interested in exposing your group to new technologies or ideas?

We know how busy you are and we're here to help. The library offers numerous programs and services to the senior facilities within the Westerville City School District.

What We Offer

Below is a list of programs we currently offer.

  • Borrow a Librarian: Baffled by a technology problem? Whether you need help setting up your email, downloading books or taking pictures, get personalized hands-on assistance with a librarian without leaving home.
  • Caregiver Kits: Borrow one of these kits to spark memories and encourage interaction. Designed for those caring for people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. (Reserve now.)
  • Games: Looking for a fun & informal program for your social butterflies? The library will happily plan games or activities for facility residents, from Pictionary to Jeopardy, spelling bees to trivia. You can count on us to bring games, equipment and a fun attitude.
  • Remember When Storytimes: An interactive group program based on an ever-changing theme, storytimes will include not only a story read aloud by a librarian, but also music, pictures and props. These events allow participants to interact and share memories based on common experiences and topics.
  • Timeslips: An interactive, collaborative, and creative activity, this program invites people living in memory care facilities to imagine using words, sounds, movements, and images. Together we create a story, shifting away from the expectation of memory toward the freedom that imagination can bring.

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