John R. Kasich Collection

  • Photo: John sitting in front of the National Debt Clock 1995
  • Photo: John shaking hands with President Ronald Reagan July 1986
  • Photo: John with Jack Hanna March 1983
  • Photo: John with Clinton August 1997
  • Photo: John with Bono of U2

John R. Kasich Congressional Collection

Congressman. Governor. Neighbor.

Ohio politician John Kasich made Westerville his home after graduating from Ohio State in 1974. His election to the state senate at age 26 was the start of a fast-moving, high-profile career.

He served for nine terms (from 1983 until 2000) in the United States Congress as the representative from Ohio's 12th Congressional District, where he became known for his dedication to the cause of balancing the budget.

About the Collection

The John R. Kasich Collection was donated to the Westerville Public Library and is made available via the Westerville History Center & Museum. It includes Congressional & Senate papers, such as personal and political files, campaign media files, legislative files, committee files, media files, and administrative files.

If you are looking for a specific document, contact us or search the online database (linked below).

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