Current & Past Exhibitions

Experience Westerville's past through the themed exhibitions of artifacts on display in the Westerville History Center & Museum.

Displays change periodically, showcasing different items and artifacts from the Westerville collection based on a central theme, including descriptions and historical content.

Prohibition! Expectation vs. Reality (Coming Soon)

2019-2020 -- This exhibit is currently being installed. Expected completion date is September 27, 2019. 

Travel back in time to the Prohibition era (1920-1933), when it was illegal to buy or sell alcohol in the United States. From unintended consequences to unexpected outcomes, experience what life was like back then with interactive displays of historic objects, audio clips, photo-ops, and more.

Topics include:

  • 18th Amendment
  • African Americans & the Prohibition era
  • Anti-Saloon League
  • Fashion
  • Female outlaws
  • Gangsters & organized crime
  • Jazz music
  • Propaganda & persuasion
  • Pros/cons
  • Speakeasies
  • Suffrage movement & the Prohibition era
  • Westerville’s role
  • Wet or dry: arguments for & against

A national issue with Westerville roots, learn about the part Westerville played in the passage of the 18th amendment, 100 years later. Delve into the role of the Anti-Saloon League – headquartered where the Westerville Public Library now stands - who used marketing and campaigning savvy to persuade the nation to vote themselves dry. Discover the long-lasting effects of the era and how it made way for organized crime, societal freedom for women, the rise of jazz music, and more.

Share about your experiences, hashtag #anythingbutdry.

Though there is no age restriction for entry, please note that this exhibit covers historical topics related to alcohol, including bootleggers, organized crime, speakeasies, and other unseemly legacies of the Prohibition era. No alcohol will be served.

Over There: A World War I Exhibit


In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry and participation in the “war to end all wars”, the Local History Center is currently featuring artifacts and photographs from World War I. 

Explore a variety of issues including the influenza epidemic, trench warfare, Camp Sherman, and the use of animals in the war. Photographs from the collection of WWI veteran and Westerville resident Walter "Pete" Phalor are on display, as well as artifacts such as a gas mask.

Past Themes

  • 2017-2019 - Over There: A World War I Exhibit
  • 2016 - Fashion from the Westerville Collection
  • 2015 - World War II

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