Digital Creation Station

Transport yourself to another world. Experiment with everything from photography and videography to extended realities.

  • Includes camera & video camera*, lighting equipment, green screen, photo & video editing software, augmented & virtual reality software**, etc.
  • Maximum capacity: 2 people

*This station is not sound-proof or sound-dampening. Audio recordings may pick up ambiant noise.

**This software was funded in part with The Unity License Grant Program. 

Example Projects

  • Create or edit photos & videos.
  • Explore or create a virtual environment.
  • Design a video game.
  • Make a virtual tour.
  • ...and more!

Rules & Restrictions

Limit of 3 hours while others are waiting. To gain access to the lab, present your library card and ID to the staff at the desk on the second floor. Printing projects are scheduled through staff and can be picked up when completed.  

Your use of the lab is subject to the library's Terms of Use.

  • Must be 18 years or older; or 16-17 years old with a signed waiver from parent/guardian that acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of both parties; or accompanied by an adult who meets all requirements for use
  • Must have a Westerville Library card in good standing.
  • Must present a government-issued photo ID or school ID with the current school year's date clearly indicated. (ID will be held while you are in the lab and returned to you once a check of the lab has been performed by staff.)


  • Request no longer than 3 hours; no more than 90 days in advance. (Setup, teardown, saving, or clean-up are to be completed during your allotted reservation time.)
  • Request in person, by telephone or through online reservation software. You cannot make an online reservation within 24 hours of the desired time.

Need help?

Use of the lab is intended to be self-guided. Minimal instruction provided. Library staff can recommend resources for learning.

If you would like one-on-one training or assistance, use the borrow a librarian service. Or view our events calendar for a schedule of upcoming classes.

For further assistance, contact us.

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