Benefits of a Library Card

Why should you sign up for a library card? Whether you're a new parent, a student, a young professional, a teacher, a homeschooler or a senior citizen, there's something here for you. And it's all free.

Want to know more? Let us count the ways.

You can borrow...

340,000+ books, audiobooks and ebooks

9,000+ CDs

7,000+ magazines and newspapers

150+ kids puzzles

20 wi-fi hotspots

5 bike locks

30,000+ DVDs and Blu-rays

9,000+ books in large print

1,000+ audiobooks & kids movies, preloaded on travel-friendly players

12 electricity usage monitors

from 150+ other Ohio libraries

You can also...

Attend one of 150+ events every month.

Use one of 70+ computers and laptops.

Rent a room or study space.

Get books delivered to your school or senior apartment.

Pick up your reserves through the drive-thru.

Explore the rich and varied history of Westerville, Ohio via the Local History Center.

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi.

Research using one of 40 different online subscriptions.

Convert your VHS tapes to DVD.

Get help with your ereader or iPad.

Play one of 50+ video games.

Ask one of 30+ library experts for help.

Get help with your homework.

Make use of a notary public.

How do I sign up?

Take advantage of everything the library has to offer. All Ohio residents are welcome to apply for a library card.

Still have questions? Browse the FAQ.

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1 p.m. - 6 p.m.